5 Reasons for Vascular Ultrasound

Vascular ultrasound is a non-invasive procedure that doctors use to visualise arteries and veins. Here are a few reasons why a doctor might refer you for a vascular ultrasound. 1. Diagnosing Blood Clots Blood clots can be very dangerous, posing a risk of heart attack or stroke. One of the common symptoms of a blood clot is pain in the leg, but without imaging, it is difficult for a doctor to tell whether the cause of the pain is a clot or a simple muscle strain. [Read More]

How To Improve Physiotherapy Outcomes

Are you slotted for physiotherapy? Most patients are often concerned about the efficacy of physiotherapy. It is especially so because the intervention does not give instant results compared to other treatments such as surgery and drugs. Below is an extract discussing how you can improve physiotherapy outcomes.  Choose The Right Physiotherapist Below are some tips to help you choose a physiotherapist:  Assess the therapist's specialty. For instance, some professionals will deal with sports injuries, while others handle breathing conditions. [Read More]

What Causes Hearing Aid Feedback Issues?

As you use your hearing aids, you may experience feedback problems at some point. This usually happens when the sound that's meant to go into your ear is transferred back into the device's microphone. This sound gets louder and causes the hearing aid to start whistling. Whistling can occur at any time, but you shouldn't be alarmed as it's a normal phenomenon. Actually, it's the way hearing aids react to various sounds in the environment. [Read More]

Primary Treatment Options Your Sports Physio May Use For Injuries

Whether you play your favourite sport as a professional or as a hobby, you may get injured accidentally. The treatment technique you use determines if you will get cured fast or not. Today, most people prefer non-invasive treatment over the standard treatment offered by physicians. One of the non-invasive injury treatments you can consider is sports physio. The physiotherapists are trained to handle a wide range of sports injuries like ankle/knee sprains and fractures, dislocated fingers, head injuries, shoulder dislocations or fractures, facial injuries, dislocated knees, broken jaws and so on. [Read More]