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What Causes Hearing Aid Feedback Issues?

As you use your hearing aids, you may experience feedback problems at some point. This usually happens when the sound that's meant to go into your ear is transferred back into the device's microphone. This sound gets louder and causes the hearing aid to start whistling.

Whistling can occur at any time, but you shouldn't be alarmed as it's a normal phenomenon. Actually, it's the way hearing aids react to various sounds in the environment. So what causes hearing aid feedback? Read on to learn more.

Wax build-up

Your hearing aids are designed to transmit sound into the ear canal. However, if your canal is blocked by wax build-up, the sound will bounce back, creating a feedback loop. The best solution is to get professional earwax removal, so the build-up doesn't interfere with the device or how you perceive the sound.

The expert will also clean the hearing aids so they can be whistle free. If the earpiece isn't cleaned, then the whistling problem may reoccur.

Poor-fitting hearing aids

Sometimes hearing aids loosen even if they fit perfectly when you first acquired them. Some of them even change shape, meaning they won't fit perfectly as they used to. This often occurs when you gain or lose weight since the ears' shape and size will change.

When this happens, the earmold will loosen, causing the sound to escape. This creates the whistling sound. Fortunately, the problem can be fixed by getting new earmolds that fit well. A professional can help you get the right earmolds, so don't hesitate to book an appointment.

Wearing the devices wrong

Whenever you put on your hearing aids incorrectly, you may start hearing the whistling sound due to the feedback problems. So, try to take the device out and determine if they were placed in the right ears. If the problem recurs, then you will have to put the receiver further into the ear. If you wear the device too loose, the whistling sound may be heard.

Having dislodged microphones

The microphone in your hearing devices can cause feedback if they are loosened or displaced. If you notice this problem, you should consider scheduling an appointment with your hearing care specialist to get the device examined.

Also, it is advisable to visit the experts more often to get the hearing aids cleaned and tuned so you can avoid such incidences. It will be more convenient to deal with problems in advance instead of waiting until the hearing aids become faulty.

For more information on hearing aids, reach out to a local audiologist.