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Reasons to choose an osteopath for your back pain treatment

Around 3.7-million people in Australia suffer from back pain. Thanks to modern advances in medicine, more treatment options are available than ever. If you're considering an osteopathy treatment doctor, it's time to learn more about the benefits of doing so.

You avoid drugs and surgery 

Many people choose osteopathy medical treatment because they would rather avoid drugs and surgery. Although both approaches can play a role in treating back pain, they're often not necessary as a first-line intervention. Choosing an osteopath means you give your body the chance to heal itself, rather than working against it.

You enjoy fast results

Your osteopath can use a variety of methods during the course of your back pain treatment. They can range from massages that improve blood flow and provide pain relief, through to an exercise routine that promotes long-term muscular support. With regards to the massage, you should enjoy rapid results, which may improve your ability to move around pain-free.

You support surrounding joints

Your osteopathy treatment doctor will focus on helping you support the joints that play a role in supporting your back. Your back doesn't just depend on the muscles and connective tissues that immediately support it. Areas such as your pelvic joints and ligaments have an impact too. When your osteopath helps you strengthen them, you'll feel the benefits throughout your body.

You'll enhance your ergonomics

In many cases, patients experience back pain because of poor ergonomics. Repeated cases of bad manual handling techniques and bad posture have an impact. During your first appointment, your osteopath will investigate potential causes and discuss ways to stop you from repeating the same mistakes. With their help, you'll live a comfier life and reduce your risk of further injury.

You're in control of your treatment

One of the biggest perks of steering away from medications and surgery is you take control of your treatment. Your osteopath will provide you with a list of self-care techniques and exercises, which means you can carry on with your plan at home. In contrast, surgery means you're reliant on a medical team and medications require a prescription.

You minimise side effects

Finally, if you're the type of patient who prefers to minimise side effects, seeing an osteopathy treatment doctor will work in your favour. Although medications sometimes become important in treating back pain, they're not usually necessary. By using osteopathy instead, you avoid the side effects that come with using meds or opting for surgery.