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How to Solve the Common Problems Related to Dentures

Some people may experience some challenges when they first wear dentures. Those problems can be solved if you know what to do. This article discusses the solutions to some denture problems.

Excessive Production of Saliva

Some people may produce a lot of saliva in the first weeks after they have started using dentures. This could be due to the body's response to the new objects in the mouth. Excessive saliva production may also be caused by dentures that don't fit properly, such as those which are too thick. It is wise for you to notify your dentist office or denture clinic so that the ill-fitting dentures can be adjusted. However, many people notice that the salivation problem ends a few days or weeks after they start using dentures. Chewing on candy or mint can help you to swallow excess saliva more frequently as you wait for your body to become used to the dentures.

Mouth Sores

Your denture adjustment period can also be characterised by the development of mouth sores. This is because some sections of the dentures may be rubbing against some oral structures or the dentures may be pressing hard on some parts of your mouth. Three options are available when you have mouth sores. First, rinse your mouth with a solution of salt and water. Second, visit the dentist so that he or she can adjust your dentures. Third, use an adhesive to hold the dentures in place as your mouth adjusts. The appropriate adhesives can be obtained from the dentist. Don't use any adhesive that isn't formulated for use in the mouth.

Speaking or Eating Challenges

Some people also find it hard to eat or speak properly when they have just started wearing dentures. This is normal because, as already mentioned, your body goes through an adjustment period to get used to the new dentures. Go slow on hard foods as you get used to having the dentures in your mouth. Slow down the pace at which you speak during this initial period. See your dentist in case eating or speaking doesn't get easier as the weeks go by.

As you can see, many of the problems which denture wearers complain about are transient. Contact your dentist immediately if the problem is severe or it persists for longer than you had been told such issues last. The dentist will examine you and the dentures before recommending the best course of action to fix that problem.