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5 Things You Should Take to a Funeral Home

Some people may not know what they should take with them when they go to meet a funeral director in order to make funeral arrangements for a loved one who has just died. This article discusses some of the important things that you should carry with you in order to avoid making several trips to the funeral home.


It is unlikely that the deceased will be prepared for the funeral in the clothes that they had on when they died. You should, therefore, pack some clothes that you would like the deceased to be dressed in for the funeral. Select clothes that you think the deceased would have loved to be viewed or buried in.

A Recent Photo

The funeral home may also require a recent photo of the deceased in case that funeral home will be responsible for placing obituaries in the papers on behalf of the family. That recent photo can also help to provide additional proof that the remains at the funeral home belong to your loved one. A copy of that photo can also be framed and placed close to the casket during the funeral service.

Prearrangement Documents

Some people prearrange their funerals while they are still alive. It is helpful for you to carry those prearrangement documents with you when you go to the funeral home. Those documents will help the funeral director and his or her staff to arrange the funeral in accordance with the wishes of the deceased. The documents will also help you to avoid incurring extra costs in case the funeral was prepaid by the deceased.

The Particulars of the Deceased

You should also carry with you documents that provide the social security number, the date and place of birth of the deceased. You should also be prepared to provide details about the marital status of the deceased, as well as how many children he or she has left behind. This information will be helpful during the making of the death certificate and obituary.

Education Information

It may also be necessary for you to provide detailed information about the education of the deceased when you go for that first visit to the funeral home. This information will be helpful in the timely placement of the obituary in the different papers where that information should be placed. Make sure that the information is as detailed as possible so that any friends that you may not have contacted can know what happened when they read the papers.

It may be hard for you to remember all the things above during that difficult time when you have just lost a loved one. It may be better for you to ask the funeral director for a checklist so that you are sure that you have taken everything that is needed by the funeral home as it takes charge of organising the final sendoff of your loved one.

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