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Sexually Transmitted Diseases Commonly Affecting Men

Men typically assume that if they contract a sexually transmitted disease, they will immediately be aware that their health has been compromised. Although some STDs do manifest with distinct symptoms, it should be noted there is a broad range of disease that will have symptoms similar to other ailments. Thus, it would be difficult to discern that you have a sexually transmitted disease without having a complete blood panel done at a sexual health clinic. The following are two sexually transmitted infections that men are likely to be infected with.


This disease is spread through vaginal, oral or anal intercourse with someone who is suffering from it. It tends to be one of the most common sexually transmitted infections because it typically does not present with symptoms at the onset. As such, the rate of infection is high since individuals may not be aware that they are spreading the disease. Nevertheless, some people may start to display symptoms after several weeks of being infected. Some of the symptoms that you should be wary of are strange penile discharge, discomfort when urinating as well as swollen testicles.


This bacterial infection can be hard to diagnose if you do not know what to look for. The reason why some people may never be aware they are suffering from syphilis is because the disease progresses in different stages. Thus, you may exhibit symptoms at the onset only to have them dissipate, and this can give you a false sense of confidence that your health is back to normal. At the primary phase of syphilis infection, you may develop a painless sore at the point of contact with the bacteria. If there are lymph nodes close to this point of contact, such a near your lips, they may also suffer from some swelling.

After a while, the soreness and swelling will go away as the second phase of the infection starts. In the second phase of syphilis infection, you may develop symptoms that are similar to the common flu such as fatigue, headaches and a sore throat. Some men may also develop a rash on their feet or hands. The infection goes through a latent stage where all symptoms disappear.

If you have not received treatment for syphilis, it will proceed to the tertiary stage, which is the most dangerous. The tertiary stage of syphilis poses the risk of complications in your nervous system, brain damage and even cardiovascular ailments. Overall, syphilis is one of the more severe STDs if left untreated.